Veeco Star 100 Parts Supply

Your Veeco steppers are important to what you do, but all machines eventually need servicing and repair. If you have a Veeco stepper that needs repair, count on Lithography Solutions to be your Veeco parts supplier.

What We Offer

At Lithography Solutions, we sell replacement parts and offer engineering support.


Our Veeco parts supply includes replacement parts for several Veeco products and models, including:

  • Veeco Spectrum 300e
  • Veeco Spectrum 3 
  • Veeco Spectrum 3e
  • Veeco Saturn
  • Veeco Titan
  • Veeco Star 100
  • Veeco 1500 MVS
  • Veeco 1700 MVS
  • Veeco Sapphire 100
  • Veeco NT190
  • Veeco 1700
  • Veeco 1500
  • Veeco Prisma

We offer a wide range of Veeco parts to keep your Veeco products functioning properly. The parts we carry include:

  • Projection lenses
  • Servo Motors
  • Focus Actuators
  • Focus Motors
  • Stage Umbilical's
  • Illuminator Optics
  • Exposure Shutters
  • Actinic Shutters
  • MVS Bridges
  • Stage Height Adjusters
  • Linear stages
  • Robot and pre-aligner
  • Reticle library
  • Drive rods
  • PC boards
  • Air bearings

These and the other parts we offer are available new and refurbished depending on your budget. Regardless of the status of the parts, all of them adhere to the highest standards of manufacturing and provide quality for the long run. Moreover, we offer incredible prices, including matching competitor quotes and offering a fantastic warranty.

Alternatively, you can send broken parts to us so that we can promptly fix them and get them back to you.


In addition to the replacement parts, we also offer repair services. Our experienced engineers can come to your site to address problems with your Veeco product directly so you don’t have to look for someone to install the part you’ve bought. Our engineers can also inspect your stepper to identify the causes of malfunction and likewise address those problems.

Moreover, we are prepared to help you operate your steppers by training your technicians and engineers. We offer both introductory and advanced training courses that address different elements of proper stepper operation.

If you are in need of Veeco parts or other services for your stepper, email us today at or fill out our contact form.